A Fresh Start

It has been a while since I last posted, and I guess it’s time to come clean.

Through a combination of bad/casual/infrequent employment over the years since graduating, and also a result of ‘being a twat’ with money, I have rocked up nearly 6K of credit card and overdraft debt. This is in addition to my student loan debt of around 22k, and also a not insignificant debt I owe my boyfriend.

After nearly a year in a wonderful role in a job that was everything I had wanted I am now in that tricky stage where I’m between contracts with my employer, so I am for want of a better word, unemployed.

I decided this year would be the year I got serious about paying back my debt. 2016 started off with good intentions, but there is no denying that I began 2016 by checking my bank balance after a hefty Christmas to find I was nearly 20 quid into an UN-arranged overdraft. Which meant I was over my arranged overdraft of a thousand pounds, of which only 500 quid was interest free.

However, up until June 2016 (the first month of my technical unemployment) I had been making great strides. I had not touched the (5) credit cards at all. Considering I spent most of 2015 paying the minimum on the (5) credit cards, and only doing so so that I could then spend that available balance once the payment had cleared, you can see that not using the cards was an achievement.

I managed to survive June 2016 through self employed work, selling everything on ebay, getting refunds on bad purchases and a little bit of moxy.

July was a different kettle of fish though, and somehow I had lost my desire and ended the month borrowing the money I needed to pay my bills off my boyfriend. So more was added to that debt.

I am determined that August will be different, and because I’m a bit of a masochist and love giving myself extra work I thought ‘Hey, why not just survive the month, why not blog about it as well?’

If I can help anyone going through a similar situation I will, or at the very least I will keep you company.

I will tell you more about how I got into this mess, how I did so far this year, and how I intend to get out of it forever.



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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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