Fighting the Impulse

Now that I have enforced a spend free year, I have become a lot more conscious of my shopping impulses.

There have been a few scary moments where I have thought ‘I’ll just get one of these/pick up that/go and buy one of those’ and have to fight that thought and remind myself that this year is an experiment I must do.

I’ll admit, they have mostly all been food related.

The other day I was in Sainsbury’s picking up Bread (which was on the list) when I became tempted by some rather good yellow sticker discounted treats.

Such as a whole Coffee and Walnut cake for 79p.

That would have been a terrific saving, but I put it back, because it would only be me that would eat it (my Boyfriend hates coffee. And nuts) and I don’t need the calories, and I also decided that it would be a NON ESSENTIAL PURCHASE.

Which would have seen me fail the challenge before even one month had been completed.

Today I had two more incidences. I didn’t really fancy what I had bought for lunch from home and had to fight the urge to go to the work canteen.

Then after Football training I was walking home through town when I thought casually ‘I’ll get a subway for dinner’ then had to remind myself that all solo food and drink is banned.

It is hard undoing years of giving in to my impulses and also my lack of discipline concerning my spending.

The funny thing is I have been through all this before when I gave up smoking. Even now years after my last smoke I occasionally have moments where I’ll think about smoking and have to tell myself that I am done with that shit.

I have heard it takes a short time to develop a habit (around 3-4 weeks) but can take so much longer to break a bad habit.

I am proud though to see that 12 days into the year my spending totals so far equal what would have been about 2 1/2 days before. I am pleased that I am putting things down, that I haven’t broke the rules, that I am still going.

This weekend will be a challenge as I am going to watch a football match. I have set a budget, and ideally I want to come under it.

I guess I will just have the one Gin and Tonic.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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