2nd Week Review

Well it’s Sunday again, I have about 30 minutes spare, so here goes.



Milk and Breakfast Bars £2.48

Bread and 2 x pizzas £2.80

Milk and Paracetamol £1.64



Dentist Check up £13.50


Milk for work £1.90


Donation to collection for Colleague’s gift £2


Train to Friend’s house £3.90

Coffee with Colleague £1.95

Burger at Football Day £6.95

Round of Drinks between Boyfriend and me #1 £4.08

Bus £4

Round of Drinks between Boyfriend and me #2 £5.40

Pizza £6.95

Burger and drink with Boyfriend £7.74


So far this year I have spent £75.07 

I have £10.94 left of the food budget, which resets on the 27th when I get paid, so it will be a tight squeeze but we have an awful lot of food left and tend to only top up with things like milk and bread. We tend to find we have a lot of days left in the budget with not much money left in the budget but usually manage to stay under.

I have received my final bill for the Credit Card I closed before Christmas. I think I can just about handle the £1 bill (I was expecting it to be about £85).

My Brother is coming to visit next weekend so I will put the money towards socialising with him.

Things are going good for me, though I did have a stress dream last night that was so vivid I really believed it was real life, until I woke up.

Right, off to do a tidy up of the house now.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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