Today’s gonna be a good day

Even though today is a day off work for me, when I woke up naturally at 6am, I decided to get up.

I checked all my credit card statements as it is the point in the month when they get released and I crunched the numbers on one of my many, many spreadsheets and from December statements to now I have paid off.


I also did a little bit of data work to compile the money I have available to me before payday-going through every wallet and ‘category envelope’ (I put my Football training expenses in a separate envelope after I withdraw it on payday to keep the money safe)-and then compare it against the expenses I still have between now and payday.

As mentioned my brother is coming to stay so I made a little budget for that, and then I saw what I had left.

I had enough to clear my credit card with the smallest balance (£86.47) with £30 left over.

You may think, what is so great about £30? That can barely buy you a sock in a fancy shop.

The £30 seems like a fortune to me, because whereas before I would have run straight to the nearest clothes shop and bought something, anything, now that I can’t buy material possessions and can only buy experiential things, this means I have £30 to add to my savings for the next big gig, or holiday or theatre/cinema trip.

I think I have finally twigged that when you save, you have money for the future.

So if you include clearing my smallest balance card today then my total debt payments since December are now:


Which means by debt is no longer £5996.12

It is £5743.28

A small but powerful deduction.

Today I want to call one of my credit cards that after a balance transfer actually sees me 38p in CREDIT on it and close it.

I also want to go for a jog after a weekend of indulgent food.

Right now I am watching a NFL Highlights show, and then I will do update my spreadsheet about February’s Expenses vs Income.

I feel good.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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