Shopping Mission

Today I sent my boyfriend on a shopping mission as he is on annual leave and I was working.

It was a very detailed shopping mission even though it only involved going into two shops and buying one item in each. But I had to send him instructions in a text.

The shopping mission was as follows.


Go to Iceland. Take Iceland Bonus Card. Pick up Frozen Broccoli (we need frozen broccoli, this is not the exciting and dangerous part of the mission). Then head to till. When paying hand over the bonus card. This should generate a ‘Free Frozen Dessert’ voucher as a reward for being a bonus card holder. BUT WE MUST DO IT TODAY! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK


Go to Tesco. Select 500ml bottle of Listerine (We need Listerine, this is not the Exciting and Dangerous part of the mission). Head to till. Hand over the £1 off voucher that you downloaded from the Everyday Caring website which you have registered with. AND WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T FORGET TO COLLECT POINTS ON THE CLUBCARD! AND THE VOUCHER EXPIRES SOON. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

This little mission will have resulted in gaining a voucher worth £2 and getting £1 off my shopping, which will come in very handy when before the shopping trip I had £3.75 remaining of the shopping budget, with 8 days still to go before payday.

Ok, so maybe I have oversold how exciting and dangerous this mission was. But it made my boyfriend chuckle.

When I got home from work my Boyfriend had lots to show me. Not only did I get the deals listed above but also Tesco’s gave my Boyfriend a ‘150 clubcard points bonus on your next shop’ voucher (which equals £1.50 in points) but we also received a £1 off the Financial Times Newspaper. The irony is I can’t use that voucher to buy it as Newspapers are a banned purchase. And I love the Financial Times!

So yes, despite my best intentions I will most likely end the first month of the year over budget. I am ok with this though, because in December I was paid on the 20th instead of my usual date of the 27th, which meant I had nearly a week extra that I would have to buy groceries for until the next payday.

I am determined to remain as close to the budget as possible, which is why a few vouchers will go a long way to achieving this. What I go over by I will deduct from next month’s shopping budget. Despite the fact that my payday dates will change nothing, psychologically because February is a short month I feel like it will be easier to come under a reduced budget.

And if I don’t I have all year to claw it back.

I ended the 2016 Food Budget year 37p under the year’s budget, so it is possible for me to dig deep and claw it back.

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