Bonus Fun Time Weekend Challenge

As previously mentioned one of my many brothers has come to visit briefly.

I originally set a budget of £60 for the weekend (to tell the truth it is less than 24 hours, from 5.30pm today till 3pm tomorrow) but decided to reduce it to £50 because I need to learn to budget on less.

Here are the stats so far:



Dinner (and my goodness it was lush) £15

Beer with dinner £0 (My Boyfriend bought us a round)

Beer at sweet and tiny microbrewery we wanted to check out £2.80

Taxi ride home (January is COLD!!!) £3 (£8 and my brother and boyfriend gave me £2.50 each)

TOTAL SO FAR £20.80/£50

£29.20 remains.

Tomorrow we have biggish plans so it won’t be too easy to stay under, I will give it a go though.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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