Yes! Yes! Yes!

Made it to the end of the food budget pay day month in credit.

Admittedly by 20p, but still.

Tomorrow I will do what is my payday tradition, and that is get up at 5am (despite having booked time off to go into work later) so that I can pay all my bills, calculate this that and the other so I can work out exactly how little I have left to play with and then just R E L A X because what I have left is mine to play with.

I will do the monthly food shops, purchase some presents, and then have a lovely evening out with the boyfriend.

I will also have to run out and get some butter and bread in the morning.

Can’t wait for payday. Not long to go.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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      1. You’re doing it and that is the main thing. Now you can start googling all the things you can buy for 20p. I actually think you’d be surprised. Well done!


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