Financial Review of Week 4

Hi everyone,

Another week has passed, and I really hope I don’t spend any more as this week has been a wee bit spend-tastic (I will be the first to admit I sometimes take liberties with the English Language)


Meal out with the boyfriend £15

Costume accessories for Friend’s Hen Party £4 

I debated long and hard about what category this would fall into and decided that as I am hardly likely to wear a pink glittery cowboy hat and a necklace with a shot glass attached in day to day life (unless I start working in the new Coyote Ugly bar in town) these items are for a very specific social event and that’s why I am classing them as such.

Ticket to see a Comedian in May £13.20


Bus £1. I feel really annoyed about this. I was running a bit late for work anyway on Thursday and then halfway to the station realised I had left my football kit at home, so had to go back and then get the bus to town centre. The expense is definitely preferable to being late for work but still.


Milk £0.65


Tinned Chilli for the boyfriend £1

Milk, Carrots and Bread £2.79

Big monthly food shop £48.28

Bread and Margarine £2.19

Fajita Mix, Rice, Naan, Poppadom, Cous Cous £10.54

Sponges, Listerine, Ibuprofen £5.28

Frozen Food £9.29

Orange Juice, Fruit and Veg, Cleaning Supplies £6.05

Milk, Bread, a danish pastry for me and a chocolate croissant for the boy £4.13

Although this week has involved a lot of spending it has all been either essential or budgeted for expenses, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I just prefer to keep money in my account/purse for as long as possible.

I made £3 this week in an online survey, £3 in an Amazon voucher through a receipt app I’ve got (Receipt Hog) and cashed out £5.40 on another shopping app (Checkout Smart). So I am making small bits of money.

It feels great to have a slightly reduced overdraft. Can’t wait till it is paid off.

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday.


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