The case of the mysterious disappearing and reappearing £2

Not too far in the distant past I was so bad with money coming in and out of my account that I once left a job and was convinced they didn’t pay me (they did) and I was convinced I wasn’t paying an annual subscription for an online course (I was).

I am now so careful with money that the other day I was missing a penny from the ‘Food shopping budget wallet’ and was in a grump about how to get that penny back until my boyfriend found it under the sofa.

Each month my bills come out at different times. I am frequently deducting the bills, and whatever I have withdrawn or put on my debit card to see how much disposable income I have left, and whether I still have enough to cover the bills.

Since April 2015 I have kept track of every single penny I have spent.

So I know exactly what has come and gone from my account.

Which leads me to the case of the mysterious disappearing and reappearing £2.

Each month, without fail, there will be a discrepancy one day to the tune of around  £2, sometimes less. It will be missing from my account, and I know that I have not made any payments for  £2 on my card. Nothing will show up on my statement that was  £2. But I will have  £2 less than I should do.

Then a few days later, it will reappear. Again, there will be nothing on my statement, no credits of  £2, but my balance will have  £2 more than it was the other day.

Now I know it seems likely that I have made a mistake, but I do know where every penny has gone.


Anyone else have this?

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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