You Know What Time it is (Financial Review of Week 5)

Hi everybody,

Well another week has been completed, it’s Sunday, that means it’s time for a financial review!!

Here is how my money left my wallet this week:


Ticket to football match in March £23

Coffee x 2 with friend £5.59


Milk £2.25


3 x presents £24.87

3 x birthday cards £2.57


Bus £1


Stamps £3.84


Milk, Bread, Cucumber and Cheese £5.19

Carrots, Instant Cous Cous, Naan bread, Poppadoms, Tortilla Wraps, Fry Lite and Potatoes £6.56

2 x pizzas, ketchup, carrier bag charge £6.05

Lettuce, Sweet Potatoes, Orange Juice, Coleslaw, Burger Baps, Bag Charge £4.37


So it has been another week of heavy spending. Everything has been needed (apart from the 15p spent on plastic bags), everything has been in budget, and no forbidden purchases have been bought.

I find it shocking that I am spending close to £100 each week, as I don’t have that in disposable income each month, so it is strange to see how all your expenses add up without you realising.

I am hoping today will be my third No Spend Day of February.

I have tomorrow off work because today, as I’m sure my American readers are well aware of, is…..THE SUPERBOWL!

Watching the Superbowl is almost like a national holiday for my boyfriend and me as we take the next day off work, eat a huge amount of food, use it as an excuse to drink as much as we like and in general feel very much in the party spirit.

Although we have no particular allegiance to any individual NFL team, we love watching the Superbowl and season in general.

So I won’t wish any team good luck, I will just say ‘GO SPORTS’

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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