Bad Queue Etiquette

I was at the arts centre/gallery/cinema/theatre/restaurant/bar place that I used to work at and still volunteer at along with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I had gone to see the film Prevenge written and directed by Alice Lowe who we both love. I wouldn’t say it’s a film you can say you ‘enjoyed’ watching, but the great thing is most of it was filmed in my city and I loved spotting the underpasses and bars I frequent.

Before we came out I received news that one of my closest friends, the one that introduced me to the girls football team I play with, had given birth to her daughter.

You could say Prevenge was a wholly inappropriate film to watch after receiving that news, given that it is about a pregnant recently bereaved woman who kills those she blames for her partners death, believing she is instructed to do so by her baby.

Anyway, in the sale bin at the gift shop were baby socks, so naturally I had to get a pair for her and the yet to be officially named baby.

As I was paying for them a group of lads joined the queue, except they didn’t join the queue by standing behind me, instead they queued by standing right next to me at my side.

In fact they were standing so close that initially I thought they were people I knew and they were trying to intimidate me by standing that close to me. Because that’s what how it felt, intimidating.

I could then only concentrate on how close they were standing to me and that they were totally invading my personal space, to the point that I couldn’t concentrate on what the cashier who was a friend of mine was saying.

As soon as we got outside and started walking home I immediately told my boyfriend about it, though he couldn’t see anything wrong with what had happened and didn’t think the guys meant any harm.

I don’t think they did either but one thing people in the UK should know how to do is queue, I mean we are famous for it, we probably invented it.

I don’t like it when people are standing close to me behind me, let alone to the side of me.

Although I did once read something about how you should approach people from the side rather then head on as that makes people feel like they are under attack (don’t judge me but it was in a dating advice article, I once tried it out with great success)

The fact that something as simple as people accidentally standing too near me can cause such distress is a bit…worrying? Pathetic? Sad?

But how do you overcome this?

I must find out.

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