Today I banished three of my tins from the tin store of hell.

I made the above, a little red bean chilli, adapted from ‘The Bean Book’ by Rose Elliot.

When I say adapted, I mean I went totally renegade on the recipe and added frozen sweetcorn and peppers, paprika, smoked paprika (when one type of paprika just isn’t enough), oregano, and I may have been a little liberal on the garlic.

The jury is still out on whether the smoke paprika was a wise decision.

Still it used up a tin of chopped tomatoes and kidney beans.

I estimate the cost of this meal at being around £1 per portion including the rice (there were two portions). I know it’s hardly the 9p Jack Monroe Burger (she is the food love of my life!) but I am so pleased I actually made something from scratch with ‘real’ food in it and used up some tins from my stores in the process.

I also made a delicious hummus, also from the same book. And in true money saving spirit I didn’t buy this recipe book I borrowed it off my boyfriend’s sister.

There is no picture of the hummus because, lets face it, hummus is just gloopy chickpeas and isn’t exactly picturesque. It is delicious though.

Between my boyfriend and I we also used up a packet of wholemeal pitta breads which had been in the freezer for about 5 months.

I do have a little more time this weekend to cook/make things.

I have really enjoyed doing some cooking of any description and may make some more stuff tomorrow.

In other news we took a small car’s boot worth of stuff to the tip, it doesn’t really seem to have made any difference to the state of our house but at least we no longer have broken crap in our house.

I also was waiting for my statement to come through on the credit card I had ‘cleared’ in January to see if there had been any interest added to it. The new statement said the balance was £0 so I phoned the credit card company to close that card once and for all.

I am still waiting on two statements, but my debt is now around £5576.53 which is down £166.75 from last month.

I started 2017 with £5996.12 of debt so I have already paid off over £400.

Just a few more £1 meals and I will be ok.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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