Today’s recipe comes courtesy of a lovely little book I got for Christmas called Eat Well, Waste Less: An A-Z guide to using up your leftovers by Bish Muir.

As you know from my previous post  I have a food cupboard crammed to the brim with ‘Why the hell did I buy that?’ packets and tins.

Today I banished the packet of instant mash potato and my two tins of pink salmon from the cupboard and into my stomach in the form of fish cakes.

The instant mash wasn’t as disgusting as I thought it would be and I would be happy to have a packet of it in my cupboards again.

The fish cakes were so delicious that I ended up having 4!

I used:

2 x Instant Mash Potato sachets (the recipe in the book used ‘real’ mash potato)

2 x eggs


6 spring onions

2 x 213g tins of pink salmon

about 1/5 of a tub of breadcrumbs (true frugal people would have made their own)

25g butter and oil (for frying)

and 50g Brown basmati rice on the side.

There isn’t really too much to the making of these. You make the mash, add all the other ingredients to it, form into balls, roll in breadcrumbs, fry and scoff.

I made 8 hefty fish cakes. I have estimated that if you aren’t a greedy guts who eats four and are a bit more sensible with the sizes and make 9 fishcakes and serve 3 people 3 fishcakes each, then with rice the meal was about £2.63 per portion.

Not bad, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to bring the cost down but I am a bit new to this.

The fish cakes are very delicate, so handle them in the pan carefully (you may wish to make the instant mash thicker by using less water) and if you use the very cheap tinned salmon that I had then beware of the small bones that will most likely be in it. They are soft, to a certain degree edible, bones but I think the fish cakes were nicer without them in so I ‘fished’ them out (oh dear, I think I need to sit in the bad pun corner).

I am so pleased with myself for making these and for cooking from scratch. I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked rice rather than using a microwave packet. I had a bad day at work, I get back late, I had a small lunch, but I loved every second I spent in the kitchen making these.

It does help if you listen to the radio station Absolute 80s.

A nice variation would be to make very small ones and have them with sweet chilli dipping sauce.



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