Another day where my anxiety reduced me to a reclusive mess.

Another day where my brain can’t differentiate between a good human interaction and a bad one, making me feel under attack from even the simplest of query’s, even something like ‘do you have a stapler?’

Another day where I have complete tunnel vision on the journey home, making no eye contact or acknowledging a single person. I just block it all out.

I love summer. There is one reason for that. In summer I can wear sunglasses at all times when out in public and therefore can become sensory deprived which makes it easier to avoid people.

I wear headphones, even when I’m not listening to anything, so that I can justifiably ignore people.

I don’t want to ignore people. I actually do want to interact with people. I want to be friendly and open.

But my anxiety makes me hide away. My anxiety makes me run. My anxiety stops me living the life I want to.


Published by flodebtfreediary

Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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