My Family Tree is Losing Its Leaves

Today I received some sad news regarding a member of my family. It is their story to tell, not mine, so I will say no more other than the sorrow I feel for my family member.

I also received the news that my dear beloved Granddad can no longer live independently and will soon be moving to a ‘Home’ I again feel sadness over this.

It comes on the day I discovered that the last book he translated is in the Library where I work, which filled me with pride.

Today’s news mark more bad fortune to fall on that side of my family. I find it hard to accept the audacity that bad fortune has to hurt my friends and family.

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

I decided today that I would use my last remaining hours of annual leave to go to the Doctor and speak about my anxiety. I only feel that today has been a sign that I have made the right decision.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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