If you are down to your last few bank notes with at least 7 more days to go till payday then maybe you shouldn’t go out for dinner with your boyfriend and mates to a fancy pants bar.

At least it was legitimately the best Pizza and  Gin and Tonic I have ever had, so you could say the money was well spent.

Here are some stats.

We are over the household shopping budget and we still need to buy more things.

I have £12 left till payday, which could be as early as next Saturday or as late as Monday 27th.

I did say February would be a challenge compared to January.

And yet I feel a certain degree of ‘chilledness’ (yep, I have once again had my way with the English language). The reason for this is I have no more confirmed purchases left for the month, so £12 is in theory plenty to spend on food to last till next weekend.

I am still eating out of the cupboards and am very pleased with the amount of tins that is going down.

I still have about 20 tins of soup and a big shopping bag that houses packets of instant cous cous, noodles, rice and tinned meals. This bag is by the front door as the kitchen is too full of food to house it as well.

I am determined to run down the freezer as well in order to defrost it.

The weather is ever so slightly warmer and as a result my mental health has perked up and I feel a bit brighter and was remarkably less anxious at work.

I have learnt something invaluable this week.

Ever since I started my job that involved an epic commute I have been relying on convenience foods to save time. This led to me putting on nearly all of the weight I had spent the summer of 2016 losing!

This week I have cooked from scratch everyday and I have loved it. I love cooking and have missed experimenting and creating in the kitchen. And I have realised that:

  1. I don’t starve to death in the time between arriving at home and eating dinner, no matter how long it takes to cook dinner.
  2. It really doesn’t take much longer to make a nice simple dish involving veggies and pulses than it does to heat up a pizza.
  3. I have lost a lot of weight eating ‘real’ food this week.

So expect more experiments in the kitchen to follow.

The other thing is I have realised I have actually found a use for all those millions of tins I had and as a result I think I will still continue to stock up on them, but at least I have learnt now that I will eat them.

Today I transferred my last interest charging credit card debt to one of the 0% cards, so now other than my overdraft I have no debt that has interest being charged on it. Can I get a whoop whoop?

I also bought another bunch of upcoming birthday presents today, and saved £13.30 by using Amazon vouchers I had earnt. Every little helps.

I am a bit anxious about the lack of No Spend Days I have achieved this week, but at least I am not getting further into debt with my spending.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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  1. I feel your pain. I get paid the same time as you and have borrowed £20 already and pawned a ring today just go get me enough to buy lunch for the week…. get paid friday and gave £5 left to last me


      1. Well the borrowing is less than last month so its getting there. Now to get the 5k in credit card debt down. We’ll both get there in the end, might be a long slow process but will be worth it

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