There will be custard

A lot of people go food shopping and buy the same things over and over again or on impulse with no plan and end up wasting a lot of food as it expires before being eaten.

A few smug people will food plan against what they have in stock, what their plans are that week/month and what is fresh against what isn’t.

I have decided to be one of those people.

I am still running down my epic beans and pulses tinned goods, and the freezer food, so I am not planning a big shop for a while yet but I am itching to start planning it.

I have just sat down with my diary and a fresh sheet of paper and worked out what my plans are like for the upcoming food month.

And our next food month (Saturday 25th February-Friday 24th March) looks a little like this:


(Meals where both my boy and I will sit down together and have dinner)


(A little like ‘HOME MEALS’ in that we will both be at home eating together, but Sunday’s are an excuse for a B I G meal that seems fitting for a Sunday like Toad in the Hole, Cottage Pie, Pies and Veg etc. British style Pub grub basically)


(It is sort of a house rule that we must have an Indian on a Friday or Saturday. I think my boyfriend would riot if we had something different)


(Days when we have mega exciting plans that will take us out of the house all day, though one of these days we will be at the football and our team has lost an awful lot recently so it might not be too fun)


(Make ‘yer’ owns comes from an expression of my dad’s. When us kids would have to take care of our own dinner because he was working late or out or something he would say goodbye with a cry of ‘Remember, it’s make yer owns tonight’. This means my boyfriend and I will be eating separately due to our plans)


(Sports day is essentially Make Yer Owns, but it happens on a Thursday when my boyfriend plays squash and I play football and come home starving and want to eat quickly in between showers and bed. It is usually heavy on the carbohydrates)

So this is good as it means I need:

4 lots of food we have when having an Indian dinner

4 lots of food that we would eat on a Sunday.

11 meals planned for the days when both my boyfriend and I will be eating together (and taking in his fussiness)

11 meals where I get to experiment and make something creative as I will be cooking just for me

11 meals that can either be ‘pinged’ in a microwave, heated up quickly in the oven/hob or come in a tin for my boyfriend who is an unconfident cook.

I can now structure my food shop against this.

Which will perhaps mean I don’t end up with an intense amount of tinned soup.

I can also make sure I buy my fresh fruit and veggies at certain points in the week so that they don’t expire too quickly.

I have learnt from this week that a tin of beans and some chopped tomatoes will take you a long way towards a filling and cheap veggie meal so I will be sure to stock up on them.

I have also learnt I love custard.

There will be custard.




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