So it’s Pancake Day today and I have a confession to make.

I don’t like pancakes.

When I say that, I mean those Crepe-y type things that Pancake Day is all about.

I don’t know why but they just taste like a greasy mess to me.

Yet I like savoury pancakes, and I have a packet of  Gram Flour in the cupboard that isn’t exactly going out of date soon, but is taking up a lot of prime cupboard real estate.

Both the Chickpea (and cumin, lots and lots of cumin) pancakes and the Broad Bean and Feta salad are from one of my favourite cook books, which is Beyond Baked Beans: Real Veggie Food for Students by Fiona Beckett. When I was at University my second year house mate had a copy of this book and I frequently borrowed it. I love cook books. I read them as if they were novels rather than reference books.

As neither are my recipes I won’t copy them here, but I’m sure a variation recipe would be easy to find. I would recommend the book as an investment. Don’t let the fact it’s aimed at students put you off, it’s essentially just cheap and simple food with an occasional la di dah recipe thrown in.


Instead I will tell you how I learnt the hard way to follow the advice every foodie says which is:


Do not do as I did and:

  • Feel certain that I knew what all the ingredients were.
  • Realise I had forgotten the Feta and had to go to the shops to buy some.
  • Then read the recipe a little bit more once I had returned from the shops and realise I needed eggs.
  • Go to the shops and buy eggs.
  • Come back home, starving, desperate to eat and discover I had to let the batter sit for 10 minutes before I could cook it.
  • Cook the salad long before the pancakes so that the salad that was supposed to be served warm is actually served cold.

Luckily the food was worth the wait.


I also made Bread Rolls. My very first attempt ever at making bread and they were…ok. A little hard, more like the bread equivalent of a rock cake but they were still delicious warm from the oven slathered in spread.

I have come to love my cooking sessions and find something relaxing about creating in the kitchen.

There was once a point in my life when my mental health prevented me from doing anything more taxing than making a bowl of cereal.

I know the act of cooking may seem like a non-achievement, but I feel very fulfilled.

I don’t like to tempt fate but this is the happiest I have ever been.

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