Financial Review of Week 9

Another spendy week, the usual after payday.


Lots of food!

It’s easier to say I have £52.70 left out of the £200 budget. So £147.30 spent.


Milk for work £2


Bus £1.70


Ibuprofen due to evil pains £2.29


Indian Meal £7.50

Coke £1.99

Burger, Chips, Onion Rings and Coke £17.55

Coke x 2 £5.40

San Pellegrino £2.65 


Train to Football Match £3.90

Burger, Chips and Gin and Tonic £7.75

Pepsi Max £2

Coffee £1.29

Beer and coke £6

Tuna Melt £4.60

Chocolate Shortbread £2.30

Total Discretionary spends this week = £68.92

I think I have discovered the reason why I am overweight. I did say to my boyfriend that our social life was affecting my weight loss plans but no one exactly force fed me the 2 x burger and chips and Indian Meal!

I will try hard to clock up some No Spend Days this week. I achieved 12 in February. I am aiming for 14 in March.




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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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