I am one of those people who has ‘principles’ about some items they buy and try to only buy Peanut Butter that contains no Palm Oil.

I don’t judge anyone for being different to me. If your personal preference is to buy a peanut butter that contains palm oil that is fine, I don’t care, just like I don’t care if people eat meat when I don’t. Everyone has their own lives to lead, their own shoes to walk in, and my personal choices will differ completely from everyone else’s.

That is fine. We are all different. Let’s celebrate that.

But being principled about peanut butter comes at a cost, I only know of Pip and Nut, Whole Earth and Meridian avoiding palm oil (or only using sustainable palm oil) . They are all a lot more than Mr Tesco’s Everyday value peanut butter.

(Interestingly there is a statement on Tesco’s website from a few years ago that they fund research into sustainable palm oil, so please don’t think I am using them as an example of being bad chappies, more they are cheap as chips and I shop with them)

So on occasions like this, when I run out of peanut butter, I go to Holland and Barrett and check out the offers.

H&B are doing a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’, so now I have what will probably work out to be a year’s supply of peanut butter for less than £9 (Plus I obviously have a rewards card with them so got some money back)

Yes, it was a sizeable dent in the food shopping budget, but I think it will work out good in the long run.

Again, I don’t care or judge you if you are wondering what the big deal about palm oil is and who cares and all that jazz. Buy what you like, be who you like, do what you like (within reason guys, no law breaking)

I am curbing my over buying habits and am now getting a thrill out of using something up, but I do find something comforting about knowing whatever the future holds, at least I won’t run out of peanut butter.


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  1. I like stocking up on things when I find a good deal. The PB sounds like a good buy. 🙂 The problem I run into is an over-stuffed pantry. So, for the next few months, I am working on trying to use up what I have in my pantry. It’s certainly a unique experience – I would not call it “fun”, but I do enjoy the bit where I am not spending more money on groceries.


    1. I feel the same way! I once realised I had 13 tins of different beans and I’m the only one who eats them, so I decided I wanted to tackle my groaning cupboards. I get immense satisfaction now when I use something up and keep a note on what comes into the cupboards during the week and what leaves the cupboards. I was once afraid of running out of food and was only happy when the cupboards couldn’t fit any more food in them, but now I like seeing them getting emptier.


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