I’ll admit I don’t actually truly know what Gigantes Plaki is and just went on the basis that it was a recipe in Jack Monroe’s A Girl Called Jack and I had the ingredients and wanted a quick and easy dinner whilst my boy was out.

I just have to trust them when they say it means ‘Really Big Beans’.

I blitzed the leftovers into soup, mixing it with a bit of stock.

I now have a very orange and garlicy soup for tomorrow’s lunch, which I will be having with some leftover ‘leftovers’ scones.

I think I need to cool it on the garlic. My response to measurements for ingredients I like is to usually double it.

I do the same with my Friday Gin and Tonic.

I told my boss about my mum in case I need time off work, because whilst I don’t know what the future holds I know what the past held.

Too many times the police brought back my mum inebriated.

Too many times she climbed out the window to buy booze.

Too many times we would stumble across an empty vodka bottle in the unlikeliest places in the house which in her drunken state she thought were well hidden.

But for now I have a pungent soup to comfort me during my long day at work tomorrow.

And peanut butter.

But that’s to follow in the next post.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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