Financial Review of Week 11

This week has seen me reign in the spending, about time too. I have £6.30 to last me till Saturday 25th when I get paid. I hope it lasts.


Milk (big milk) £1.53

Bread £1.19

Carrots, Parsnips, Anti Bacterial Wipes, Milk, Margarine, Cucumber £4.74



Bus ticket £1.60

Milk for work £1.10

Football Ticket £6



I also only have £4.92 of the food budget left. Which is far better then last month when I nearly went £50 over. We have plenty of food, we will just have to be thrifty.

I am up to 5 No Spend Days. I could make it to double digits this month. Which would be nice, this month has kind of gotten away from me.

It is approaching my birthday and I have already received some of my presents. I have some birthday money to throw at the overdraft meaning along with the March Payday chunk I will throw at it it will nearly be halved in just a few months.

Things are what they are. It is Sunday. I have been out with my boyfriend’s family, I have watched the latest episode of Shop Well For Less, I have books to read, an interview to prep for, later I will make soup and I am watching a Miss Marple Episode.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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