Is it breaking the rules, or not?

The boy told me today that the plans for Friday have changed. We were going to have friends round to ours, instead now we are going into town to watch the big Football match.

Which is great and mega exciting, and either way it means a Gin and Tonic is going to get in my face, but as I said to the boy in the kitchen I have £6.30 left in my wallet and I have some planned expenses taking place tomorrow.

So the boy pouted and pointed out it was my birthday and I remembered that I do have an inflated bank balance for this point of the month thanks to some early and unexpected birthday money, so I do have money…

But payday is Saturday, and that birthday money is ear marked for my overdraft, and although I do have the money and can always take whatever I spend on Friday out of next month’s disposable income, to me it feels like cheating.

Plus I have £75 disposable income next month, and at this precise 8:54pm moment in time I will be unemployed in 2.5 weeks as I do not have another job lined up (the job I was interviewed for on Monday have not got back to me yet).

I have applied for another job today, but applying does not = job. And thanks to early payday this month it will feel like longer until I get my final paycheck from my work in April, so that disposable income has to last me basically 5 weeks.


Do I party like it’s an S Club party this Friday and hope that my adopted home nation wins at the footie?


Do I be sensible and maintain that since it is not payday it is not party o clock.


I don’t want to sound like a miserable bugger who never has any fun, but at the same time I’m trying to get the balance right between denying myself things when it is necessary, and living my life.

Not denying myself things got me into a lot of mess. Not denying myself Peacock’s Finest Clothes got me into debt. Not denying myself that pizza made me fat. I mean as much as I can stretch the truth in the facts that my messed up hormones are making the weight cling to me and that I was under-employed for many years and needed a credit card to survive, I sure as f*** could have been more disciplined with myself.

I’ll have a think.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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