A Breakdown of My April 2017 Bills

Today was payday.

Cue me doing a little dance and being in a very good mood today.

A few months ago I showed what my bills look like compared to my earnings and I thought I would do an update.


Wages = £1206.26

Birthday Money = £100

TOTAL = £1306.26



Final payment to Credit Card A £0.96

Slightly above minimum payment to Credit Card L £20

Current Account Charges £16.17

Double payment to Overdraft £200

Slightly above minimum payment to Credit Card T £31.10

Phone Bill £20.99

Broadband £27.95

Gas and Electricity £54

Train Monthly Season Ticket £295

Train Weekly Season Ticket £76.10

My half of Rent, Council Tax, deducting the Boy’s half of the bills I pay £198.90

Savings £20

Food Budget £200

My half of the new water bill split into 12 instalment’s £19.57

Football Sessions x 4 £16

Train to Football x 4 £15.60

Paying back the Boy for the Football Ticket £15

Disposable Income £75

Membership fees £3.92

TOTAL = £1306.26


So as you see, everything matches up and I am left with £0 that isn’t budgeted in any way, everything is accounted for.

The £75 disposable income is the money I have to spend on socialising, work expenses, gifts, travelling costs, homeware etc etc. It is the budget that all my expenses will come from this month. It is going to be tight. I have quite a few social engagements planned this month so I will have to be picky or prioritise, or be very frugal and clever with my money.

But it is my birthday soon and I am planning on getting as many freebies as I can. I hope to have some good adventures that day. I know about the Paperchase free gift, and I have been sent a voucher for a free drink at a pub chain, and I have heard rumours of a free Krispy Kreme donut, I’ll see what I can find.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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