A Breakdown of my March 2017 Accounts

Hi all,

So I do what I call my ‘Accounts’ spreadsheet for each month from payday to payday. This is where I keep track of the money coming in versus the money that goes out.

Here is what March looked like


Wages = £1206.26

Birthday Money = £100

Leftover Food budget money = £1.13

Excess money from bills = £15.80

Savings = £20

Interest on savings = £0.03 (can I retire now?)

TOTAL = £1343.22



Bills = £1166.26

Expenses in February after February Payday = £1.10

Expenses in March before Payday = £154.70

TOTAL = £1322.06



So I was in profit in the last payday month by just over £20 which is great, and I know where that money is unlike the last two months where I was apparently in profit by lots of wonga with no clue as to where that money was.

I have been in profit every month of this year so far so that is a good sign.

Trouble is I was doing similar last year before I entered the summer of the great unemployment, and I am heading that way now.

I will survive, one way or another, just don’t use credit to pay for things.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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