Clothes for 38p

8 days ago on my birthday the boy gave me £40 bonus birthday money for me to buy ‘unessential purchases’ with, such as clothes. Because even though there are some items of clothes it is fair to say I need rather than want, I still would have felt like I had ruined the No Spend Year if I had bought them.

I have so far spent £1.38 of the birthday money. £1 was on a bunch of hair bands as my hair is ridiculously long, in need of tying back and for some reason I had NO HAIR BANDS!

To be fair I used to have really short cropped hair once upon a time, so the most common thing I hear from people when I see them now is ‘LOOK HOW LONG YOUR HAIR IS!’ so hair bands weren’t really needed. But I couldn’t help but feel a little that I had somehow failed at being female by not having hair bands.

And yesterday I spent 38p on a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

But How!? But Why?!

Well it was a long time in the making I can tell you.

First, I had been saving all year my ‘points’ on a shopping research ‘thing’ I do. I have a little laser scanner and a shopping book with barcodes in. Each week I scan the barcodes in the book relating to the shop I shopped at and the cost of the shopping, then I scan the barcodes of the items I bought. I also take a photo of all the receipts and upload the scans from the scanner and the receipt photo on my app.

I’ll admit it is very labour intensive, but when you have as little money as I do you will do anything to stretch your money as far as it will go. It also means that whenever the boy and I do shopping we will get home and I will scream ‘DON’T PUT ANYTHING AWAY, I NEED TO SCAN IT!!!!’

So I had £30 in points that I could exchange for vouchers at certain retailers, such as New Look, one of my favoured shops.

The vouchers, complemented with a 20% online voucher code they will send you on your birthday via email meant my £37.98 shopping order was 38p.

I also arranged to collect the shopping in store and thus I saved £3.99 on my postage and packaging.

As long as the clothes fit I feel this will be a very successful shopping trip!


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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