I am still a woman on a mission to eat out of the cupboards and freezer, particularly now that I am…ahem…UNEMPLOYED.

I have vanquished certain things that have been living in my kitchen for the better part of a year to the pits of my belly, such as the slightly iffy prawns, and today I used up 150g of dried fruit that I think may be past it’s best before date in some rock cakes. Which were yummers.

I also made a Jack Monroe recipe of ‘Macaroni Peas’ which in turned was inspired by a ‘River Cottage’ recipe, and I can’t say mine had any originality thrown at it other than rather generous amounts of cheese and cooking water thrown at the sauce, but I didn’t really need to mess with such a simple recipe.

So that uses up some of the macaroni that has been unopened for many months, frozen peas which are always quite slow to be used up, and some slightly sweaty cheese from the fridge.

A frozen garlic baguette may have found it’s way into the oven as well.

I am now very, very full.

I may do some energetic hoovering now to try and make the food baby go away. There are no laws against late night hoovering here in the UK, is it true that in Germany there are? I must ask my Aunt who lives in Mainz if that is true or a myth.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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