According to my new-favourite-show-on-TV ‘Good Food, Save Money’ on ITV children end up with 8-9 Easter eggs on average on the Easter Weekend.

That is a lot of chocolate. Now you could eat it all in it’s original form and feel very, very sick, or you could do some therapeutic baking and make delicious melt in the middle brownies.

Alas, this is not my recipe. I was going to have a go at making my own but remembered in a little food notebook I had a recipe given to me by one of my brother’s friends for what was absolutely the best chocolate brownies I have ever had.

The difference was I used 3/4 of my Easter Egg stash in the making of these.


The secret with this recipe is to take the brownies out of the oven when you believe they still need cooking. There should be a little wobble in the middle. This is semi-liquid delicious, you don’t want to overcook that.


I won’t copy my friend’s recipe on here as I am yet to ask her permission for it, so will instead leave you with another picture of the deliciousness.


Really all you have to do is replace the chocolate that any brownie recipe calls for with broken up and melted Easter eggs.

I added a bit of golden syrup when melting the chocolate eggs as that got it going a bit better.

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