Another fact which I have learnt from the new ITV show ‘Save Money Good Food’ (new episode tonight! Can’t wait!) is that Hot Cross Buns can cost as little as 8p each in the shops.

With Easter having just passed and such cheap prices on the Easter staple of hot cross buns you may have a few more than you can stomach to look at in your kitchen.


Since most, if not all, bread and butter pudding recipes include some form of dried fruit this couldn’t be easier as the dried fruit and spices are already in the hot cross buns!

You can go whatever way you like with this. About 5 hot cross buns will tightly fill a small loaf tin, just cut up and arrange, try not to leave any gaps. You can add butter and jam. You could add more dried fruit. I wish I had remembered to do what I wanted which was add banana and chocolate, oh well.

Either make a custard from scratch and flavour it how you like, I recently had a nice orange, vanilla and fennel custard, or do what I did and root round your cupboard and banish 300ml of ready made custard into the pudding (I jazzed mine up with vanilla bean paste, honey and golden syrup).

If you make your own custard don’t forget to do something with the egg whites. Either season and freeze them or make a nice meringue.


Cover the hot cross bun loaf tin with custard and bake. I did mine on gas mark 5/6 for about 25 minutes.



That will be the last of my Easter leftover suggestions as I am all cooked out. If you have any suggestions or have done something interesting with your booty then do let me know 🙂

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