I made a mistake, Cue panic stations

I made a mistake at work.

Not a big mistake, many would say it was a non-event.

Despite my manager saying at the time it was fine, and later when I texted to apologise she again said it was fine and ‘don’t be silly’ I am nervous. I was in a bit of a state of panic earlier due to my anxiety.

The sign of a good person is that they can learn and move on from their mistakes.

Instead I just curl up in a little ball on the sofa at home and periodically say ‘I’m going to hide’.

I will ask the boy if I am going to be fired. He will then look at me with a face that says ‘You are being utterly ridiculous’. He will then open his mouth and tell me I am being utterly ridiculous.

I am allowed to ask that question once before I must move on with my life.

At work I am fine and can weather anything.

There were several moments today when I noted that I feel really content in this new job, and that I like it and am enjoying it and will fight for it.

I felt a lot better after a session on the exercise bike.

I quite frankly need to get a bit of a grip. Don’t be a twat.



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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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