No one wants to be poor, durrrrr…

I am home visiting my family, staying at my dad and stepmum’s house. For the last year or so there has been an understanding that when us kids stay there we buy our own food and don’t eat his.

Due to my tiny amount of money left till payday, which is actually mostly what remains of my ‘Non Essential Purchases Only’ birthday money from the boy (so really I have nothing left) I decided this weekend would be a good chance to use up some of my tin collection. So I bought food with me, so that I wouldn’t have to buy any.

I have done pretty well. I had instant noodles for lunch yesterday, then my stepmum and dad provided me with dinner, and, erm, I may have gone back for seconds.

Today I stole 2 bits of bread to have toast, partly because all the bowls were in the dishwasher so I couldn’t eat my Morrison’s Savers ‘Wheat Biscuits’ I had bought with me (I know, I’m an evil bread thief!) Then I ate my tin of ‘Mexican Beanz’ (that z was on the label, honest) with a packet of microwave rice for lunch. Then I went to my sister’s and she provided me with cake, tea and gin.

But I have just had dinner. Which was a tin of diet carrot and coriander soup (I don’t know what is so fattening about regular carrot and coriander soup?) that has been in our cupboards for about 9 months as the boy had a tin last summer and said it was ‘weird’.

It was.

And I had a tin of rice pudding, not so much as being for dessert, more just a way of filling me up. And I am drinking water.

Which would be ok, but my little brother and his GF are here and they have just come back from the Indian takeaway with a feast of naan, rice and ‘tomato based meat’ as my bro referred to his dinner.

And I am not hungry, as the rice pudding is quite stodgy, but I can’t help but feel there is a vast difference between our finances.

To make it worse I am in negative equity today as my delightful and beloved niece and nephew were playing with my sports watch, and now it is missing.

It was only about £5 but it was really useful. I had been looking at some sort of cool pedometer (I can’t afford a fancy pants fitbit) so maybe this is the Universe’s way of telling me I can buy one.

Which I would if I could.

Also having more than 6 hours sleep seems to have greatly disagreed with me today as I have been cream crackered* all day.

I am watching Eurovision which has become one of my favourite days of each calendar year. I predict the UK will get ‘nul points’ because of Brexit, although to be fair I haven’t heard the song yet so it could easily be because of that.

I wish I had a beer, or a coke, but forget to bring some with me and can’t justify buying any.

Oh well, at least I have a No Spend Day in the bank. I am now up to 8. So I have surpassed my terrible result in April (5) already!

*cream crackered = knackered. I got this expression from my dad but apparently it is more a Northern expression. At least that’s what a boy from Leeds said. And apparently knackered actually refers to how tired you feel after sex. WHICH IS NOT APPLICABLE TO MY SITUATION TODAY AS THE BOY IS IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!


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