Today in the Adventures of Flo’s Dad…

Today I found out that my Dad and his girlfriend (who I have always referred to as on here as my Step mum because for all intents and purposes that’s what she is) are getting married at the end of July.

Which is lovely, except I found out this news from my Aunt, not my Dad, after two days at home with my Dad.

Also I am not invited to the wedding.

My Dad told me, after he discovered the cat was out of the bag, that it was going to be a secret wedding, and it’s not so much that ‘I’m’ not invited as ‘No One’ is invited, other then witnesses.

I get it, I mean this will be my Dad’s third marriage, he is in his late 60’s, and he hates attention and fuss (gee, I wonder where I get that from?) and actually I am lucky to find out BEFORE the wedding as my two older half sisters from his first marriage found out he had married my mum after the event had happened. From a dinner lady at their school!

So really I am lucky.

I absolutely love my step mum (to be), she is by far the most sensible out of my parents/parent type people. Really she is the sort of person that anyone would kill to have in their life. My life would have been a lot more normal if she had met my dad when I was a teenager instead of when I was 20.

I have now achieved 9 No Spend Days this month already. So go me.

It’s back to reality tomorrow. Life just kinda passes in a haze of cups of tea and cat petting when I am visiting my family. Tomorrow I will be travelling back home and Tuesday will be back to work.

I need to get a better grip on my life, I have lost my way a bit this last month. I am nearly on the home straight to pay day, which will be a week on Friday.

I can’t wait. I have really struggled this month but am proud I was still able to pay off £100 from my overdraft.

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