Financial Review of the Week that Just Was (19)

Ok, so things are a wee bit different the last week as I completely ran out of money and thus had to rely on what remained of the ‘Non Essential Purchases’ birthday money from the boy.

I have detailed how I have spent that money in a previous post, so last week’s financial review is made up of spending from my disposable income, before it ran out, but in the spirit of fairness I did spent about £12 extra last week.


Bread £0.80

Chicken Dippers £3.00

Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Jacket Potatoes, Orange Juice £3.07




Cat treats for my niece’s and nephew’s cats £2.50


Envelopes £3.87

Posting Gifts and Presents £8.70



Not bad. If I had spent that little after payday I would be like ‘Well Done Flo’ but as it was a case of I HAD NO MONEY then it wasn’t really a choice.

The funny thing is through being disciplined with using the food we had in the house, bulk buying, batch cooking and doing that mini challenge of ‘Spending less than £10 this week on food’ the boy and I have a pretty healthy amount of the food budget left. 35% to be exact!

So although I could totally go out and buy myself a nice bottle of gin and still probably end up within the budget, I am instead doing another ‘Only spend £10 this week on groceries’ (I currently have something like 54p left, but I only have Wednesday and Thursday to go).

The things is, as you know I have gone over budget on the household shopping on two of the last few months, so staying well within budget will do a lot to get the overall yearly budget under control.

Which is my overall goal.

I have decided that if I do well on the budget this month then I will buy myself a treat for the house.

I will be buying my first ever bottle of ‘Star Drops’

I have never used Star Drops before, but everyone on the Money Saving Expert forum (which is the website I visit most after WordPress) raves about it. Apparently it is a multi purpose miracle product which can clean everything in your house by only using the tiniest drop. And it lasts forever apparently.

So I am eager to get my hands on a bottle. It is quite hard to come by in high street shops but you can get it on Amazon for under £5. 

It’s at times like this I realise I am really boring and need to go out and do something cool before I become old(er).



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