Tax Man

Today I got my P60 in the post which means one thing.


Yes, just like nobody else on the planet, one of my favourite days of the year is Tax day.

In the previous tax year I made just under £200 in self employed earnings (during the summer of the great unemployment) on top of the income I had from my two jobs, one before the unemployment period and one after.

When I do my taxes I will tell you all about them. Because unlike a certain head of state I will not be afraid to.

I declare any additional income I make during the tax years. I have even declared the tips I earned as a waitress in the past. And this year I will declare the money I have made through doing surveys and the like.

I do this not because I am some sort of sanctimonious saint (although I guess it will appear like that), but because taxes pay for all the things I believe in. All the things I believe should exist.

I don’t want to get preachy and political, I’m too afraid of conflict to do that, BUT during my teenage years as a result of my Mum being an alcoholic and my Dad’s business going bankrupt I was a child brought up on benefits.

Other people’s tax money was being used to support me and my brothers. So that we could continue to have a roof over our head, so that we could eat, so that we could survive.

And I know some might think our house was covered in flat screen TVs as some love to promote that image of people on benefits, but actually we were so poor that when I needed new black shoes for school my Dad’s solution to the problem was to cover a white pair of trainers in black shoe polish.

Yep. True story. Insert laughing emoji here.

So yeah, I will pay every single penny I owe the UK because that money will go towards supporting families like mine. And maybe some other s*** as well, but hey ho that’s the way life is.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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