The End of the Day

I have learnt today that hiding away and being an uncommunicative mess does nobody any favours.

All weekend I was anxious about work because today I was due to have my one month probation meeting with my manager. I was convinced they were going to lay into me or tell me off.

Neither happened.

Instead we discussed things, I have quite frankly had a shaky start to the new job, but after my discussion today I feel like I can deal with things in a much better and more mature way.

Today was a good day.

And not just because I made my first passably presentable omelette, rather than cheesy scrambled eggs which is how they always have turned out before.

The boy is out. I have had a rather generous gin and tonic, but I have also done the washing up, so it is all ok.

I still have NO MONEY.

Payday is Friday. Now I don’t want to wish my life away, but Friday cannot come too soon.

According to my spreadsheet entitled ‘May 2017 Expenses’ I have spent less than fifty quid this month. So it is possible to live on little.

It has been a tough month though,and I look forward to having a bit of cash again.

There is an ever so slight chance my pay package this month will be inflated, I hope so, as I plan to use it to clear the overdraft as soon as possible.

I have come so far this year. I am smashing my debt, or at least tapping it enthusiastically with a debt busting hammer.

Dare I say it, things are…good?

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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