Your attitude stinks, Flo

I let people think I am less clever than I actually am so that they won’t expect much of me.

I am so afraid that I will do something wrong I don’t even attempt to do something right.

Today I was out with the boy. We were preparing to leave when he went to the facilities and asked if I would mind his drink.

Given that at any given moment in time I am not 100% confident I have heard someone correctly, I missed this bit of information.

A member of staff came to clear the table and I was so petrified she was going to ask me about the drinks and, you know, talk to me, that I left the table. The drinks were cleared just as the boy came out, confused as to where his drink had gone.

I felt like a right f*** up on the walk home.

I have the emotional maturity of a four year old.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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