It is called the ‘I F***** UP’ category.

2 bus tickets (£2) because I was running late/too lazy to walk to the station.

One Train Ticket (£2.60) that I then didn’t even use, for some reasons beyond my control.

A sandwich at the train station Spar because I had overslept. And then a coffee because I wanted ‘a treat’, and gum as a way of covering the fact I hadn’t brushed my teeth. (£4.09)

A can of cider on the train to take the edge off my day, and to make myself feel better for the 1 hour delay. (£3.30)

A can of gin and tonic to celebrate that it is Friday. (£4.39)


I guess the context here is time. All those expenses in a year wouldn’t be too bad.

Except they were all in the last two days.

If this is ‘living the high life’* then I feel damn sorry for myself.


*someone at work said I had been living the high life. I haven’t.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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