Have you heard of ‘Swishing parties’?

Of course you have, even I have.

Today I went to my first one.

Just in case you haven’t and don’t know what a swishing party is I’ll explain. It’s where you donate old clothes, accessories, and the like, and in return you are usually given tokens or something similar which you can then use to ‘purchase’ new items.

So I walked all along the lovely Roath Park in Cardiff, past the lake, to a little Scout hall, and then I plonked my 10 donated items at the little counter and got 10 little tickets, the sort you get at a funfair.

Then we had 30 minutes to ‘browse’ so I was just picking up things and was all set to purchase them once the 30 minutes was up, but then I (and most of the other people there too) found out that we couldn’t just purchase them, instead we had to leave the clothes we had our hearts set on back on the rails, then go outside and wait. Whilst outside the organisers made sure no clothes were hidden behind radiators or something, and then it was a mad scramble to get back in and get your booty.

What annoyed me is I put down a dress I really wanted, and then I saw someone pick it up and basically hide it before the organiser sent us outside. Cow.

But, I was lucky. No one seemed to want the pieces I had selected and I got 8 of my originally selected 10 items, and then replaced the missing two items with a suit, which was probably a more sensible option.

Today I acquired the following:

1 Maxi Dress

1 Blazer and Trouser Suit Set

1 Kimono (brand new!)

1 Swimsuit (brand new!)

1 Jaeger dress (designer! lush)

2 Woolen scarfs

1 Christmas Jumper!!!!

1 Oasis woolen shawl thing

1 Pair of ballet pumps

This has all saved me money, not just in the sense that I have new clothes for free, but I was going to have to buy a new swimsuit, I needed new shoes, and it is a tradition of mine to get a new Christmas jumper each winter.

So all in all I think it was a success. Huzzah!

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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