The Shops Are Lying To You

I am pretty wise to the tricks shops pull to try and make you part with your hard earned cash.

But today Boots really pissed me off.

I went to buy our shampoo because at the wedding there was what I ‘affectionately’ refer to as ‘the shampoo incident’ where our bottle of shampoo leaked in the suitcase and the entire contents went over my clothes.

We have been without shampoo since then and my hair doesn’t feel nice.

So I went to buy our cheap, no frills, Boots own brand shampoo because it is 75p and is bright green and smells like apple.

In Boots there was a nice little display of their own brand shampoos on a promotional aisle with ‘NEW LOWER PRICE’ labels on the shelves.

Great, I thought, money is tight this month.

The price was 75p.


I don’t mean to be crude but IT HAS BEEN 75P FOR THE LAST TWO F****** YEARS AT LEAST’

What is this so called ‘New Lower Price’ bulls*** they are trying to pull on me?

Now, I know it was long ago revealed in the newspapers that supermarkets like to pull stunts like this, such as saying something is half price at 50p because within the last week they had inflated the price to a quid, but two weeks ago it was 60p….

But Boots aren’t even f****** trying, they are pulling some 1984/George Orwell type shenanigans here.

I’m ashamed to say I still bought the shampoo at its so called ‘New Lower Price’ because it is still the cheapest in the shops local to me.

But since I only recently bought the last bottle (before it leaked) and it was 75p then AND the same Boots own brand shampoo was used as a cost saving alternative example on the BBC TV series ‘Shop Well For Less’ that has been screening since March, and must have been filmed way before that, and it was 75p then, I would like to ask Boots what the f*** they are playing at.

Boots, see me after class.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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