And to top it all off the washing machine has now broken

Yes, and I am blaming the boy for this.

He decided to experiment with the dryer function as it is too hot to use the radiator to dry clothes and we don’t have a washing line in the garden because-ahem-the boy broke it last summer.

I was not in the house to supervise as I was doing the food shopping and exploring the local area to feed my new money making app ‘Job Spotter’ and when I came back I decided that the simultaneous flashing lights on every part of the washing machine were probably not because the washing machine was getting its groove on. Opening the door to be met with an ‘oh s***’ of water hitting the floor made me realise it was very unhappy.

I told the boy and he spent a good 90 minutes trawling the net for guidance from the washing machine’s company website, chat service, our letting agency’s maintenance issues reporting site before he eventually called our letting agency, who then said they would try to contact the landlord but as it was after 5pm on a Friday we aren’t holding out much hope that things will even be looked at before Monday.

So part of our weekend might involve going to the local launderette.

I feel fine, until I remember I have potentially irreversibly f’ed up my life and then I get scared and panicky.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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