June 2017 Accounts

Hi all.

Payday was yesterday, time to look at the last month’s accounts.



Wages = £1661.03

Savings = £20.03

Refund = £0.67

Selling books = £31.64

Loan from The Boy = £35

Cheque from my Mum on account of me having a breakdown = £100

TOTAL = £1848.37


Bills = £1541.03

Expenses = £183.58

Overspends on food = £88.55

Counselling Session = £25

TOTAL = £1808.16

MONEY IN (£1848.37) – MONEY OUT (£1808.16) = £40.21

And for once I think it adds up because that £40.21 is about what I made in overpayments to one of my credit cards last month. So for once I think I got my accounts right. Huzzah.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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