JUNE 2017 EXPENSES – How did my money get spent in June?

Well another month has passed, it is time to look at how my money got spent in June, what categories, how much, etc.


Social costs in June = £81.73


Travel costs = £38.30


Gift costs = £30.07

And now the category I affectionately refer to as the I FUCKED UP category.

I fucked up costs = £20.53

(This means my ‘I FUCKED UP’ category costs are now at £17.05 over budget, so I need to earn that amount and send it to my debts in order to ‘reset’ the balance)

So it is another month done, another month I survived, another month where I didn’t use a credit card.

The Travel Costs are far too high as many of them I could have walked if I had been more organised with my time.

The gift costs would have been about right if I had spent them all on my friends and family but it included some costs which could have been avoided.

The Social costs are less then I have spent some months and I feel good that I have been able to see as many people as I have without spending that much. It has been good for my mental health.

All in all it wasn’t the worst month for spending, I need to be a bit more disciplined though.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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