Job Spotter – It’s like Pokemon Go for Money Makers

I will start off by saying that I owe this blog post to the great Charlotte at LottyEarns  because I would never have even heard of this app if it wasn’t for her blog post about it (see the original and much better than mine blog post here )

I love this app! It made me leave the house at 7am today (my anxiety means I tend to leave the house ridiculously early or late so as to avoid people) to go on what ended up being a 90 minute walk around my neighbourhood.

(I’ve just had a look and I walked nearly 3.5 miles on that trip alone)

So yes, it is getting me out of the house and doing some exercise, much like Pokemon Go did for kids last year.

So, Job Spotter, it’s an app where you get ‘points’ for taking pictures of job advertisement signs in shop windows, and these points get converted to Amazon vouchers.

There are a few rules and conditions, but I feel Charlotte will explain them better than me so if you are interested do read her blog post. It is good.

I wouldn’t say this app is going to be that useful in a town centre, it’s more suited for side streets full of independent shops and restaurants, so you might find a new shop that isn’t your run of the mill chain on your travels.

And sadly you can’t take duplicates of job signs, so if someone gets there before you, that’s it.

But it gives me a kick when I see what job sign got the most points. Out of all my money making phone apps it’s probably the one that feels most like a game.

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