Paying For Your Holiday Essentials via Gumtree (and Other Shenanigans)

I was going to replace ‘Holiday Essentials’ with ‘Bikini Wax’ but I didn’t want to gross anyone out (or attract a load of hits because of the word ‘Bikini’ and then have loads of disappointed Word Pressers on my hands).

So on Tuesday I added a load of bulky items for sale on Gumtree, and by yesterday I had sold….one of them. Boo! But it put an extra £15 in my purse which today I totally invested in a Bikini Wax and a pair of Flip Flops as I am going on holiday tomorrow.

I went to a beauty training school for the wax and although it wasn’t dirt cheap as the beauty students are away for the summer, it wasn’t a bad price. And the flip flops were the cheapest pair in Peacocks.

So yes, I have disobeyed my ‘no spend year’, but then I did say whatever I spent on contraband purchases I had to earn the same amount back and put towards my debts….

Well I have four pending boxes of books awaiting payment from We Buy Books which will bring me in a cool £50 so all is good. Well, I broke the rules, but…. (I run away and leave the scene of the crime)

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