So I thought I would be really clever yesterday and prep some lentils for my dinner today.

I have so many lentils and pulses going uneaten that I once tried to bribe my friend into moving into my house with the magical promise of there being plentiful lentils.

She didn’t move in with me.

And I decided that I couldn’t really call myself a food waste warrior when I have something like 2kg of uneaten lentils, split peas, split lentils, and their similar cousins that have been in the weevil contaminated tupperwares since June.


BUT, I had the idea that lentils take forever to prep, so I prepped some lentils yesterday that took 20 minutes and not the 60+ I had expected and turned to mush, so when I went to make my lovely dahl today, following a recipe on BBC Good Food that said it would take 25 minutes I didn’t realise that INCLUDED THE LENTIL TIME.

So I ended up with something that was delicious, but contained a lot of liquid.

I am focusing on the fact it was delicious. I mean, surely that is THE MAIN POINT OF COOKING? THAT WHAT YOU EAT IS EDIBLE!

So, if you want to copy me, prep your Home Bargains red lentils the night before and end up with cooked vegetables in what is essentially stock.

Or you could cook everything all together like a sensible person.

My meal contained spinach, chickpeas, sweet potato, onion, spring onion and so much turmeric because quite frankly if your white oven top isn’t permanently stained yellow by the end of cooking you haven’t done it properly.

This is a great way to use up (or, to be honest, open for the first time) that jar of ginger garlic puree you bought in the world food section of Tesco’s in January when you got a little obsessed with the cook book Beyond Baked Beans which uses it in every recipe even the desserts.


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