I have applied for another credit card, but wait, hear me out…

If you haven’t signed up for the Money Saving Expert newsletter then you are an idiot  I greatly recommend doing so.

In today’s email they mentioned all the best ‘Free Cash’ offers for doing things you were going to do anyway.

Including a Marks and Spencers 25 month 0% purchase card, which if you spend £100 on it before the end of September they will reward you with a £50 gift card.

Did I mention it was 0% on purchases?

So the little cogs in my tiny brain started whirling…

One thing I am confident about is that I manage the food shopping budget well.

And I will easily be spending £100 on a card on food payments before the end of September.

And I trust myself that if I buy something with credit that is carefully budgeted for, then I will have the money in cold hard cash in my proper account in which to pay it back.

I had to explain my plan to the boy, who is afraid of anything that involves spending money, particularly on credit, but he just asked if this is what the founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, recommended. When I said yes he simply nodded and I knew he had blessed me with his permission to apply.

But I wouldn’t just blindly apply and risk hurting my credit rating if I was rejected, f*** no. I used the Money Saving Expert soft search credit card eligibility checker first, which said I had a 70% chance of being accepted.

So I have made my application.

And now I play the waiting game.

I would normally not tell anyone about applying for a credit card as I don’t want people to make the same terrible mistakes I did.

BUT if you are not financially incompetent and can trust that you will only buy with credit what you can afford to pay back in full each month, then occasionally taking advantage of a deal like this so you can buy a pair of shoes that aren’t Doc Martens to wear to work this winter is not the worse thing to do.

I still have to see if I am accepted, but considering I applied and was accepted for my balance transfer cards with only 20% chance of being accepted at the time, then I have dared to raise my hopes.

I have a confession to make, I know it’s not cool, but I LOVE Marks and Spencers. It is my dream to go food shopping there. I would put on a ton of weight since the reason why their food is so great is because it is full to the brim with fat, sugar and salt but I don’t care. Their chocolate treat pots are like crack to me, and I say that with only a passing interest in chocolate (seriously, give me a hunk of cheese over chocolate any day).

I love Marks and Spencers clothes as well. Again, not cool, but I don’t care. They make me feel like a proper person.

So I will be eagerly checking all forms of mail correspondence in order to find out if I am accepted.

Also I really hope I don’t need to tell any of you that obviously my plan is to get card, spend £100, get voucher, and then close the card. I am not a fool twice in life. Well, hardly ever.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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