Yes, I know I have totally made couscous before, I am just merely showing you that frozen vegetables are nothing to be afraid of, they are yummy. I don’t want to sound like a spokesperson for frozen veg (I would probably have a lot more money if I was) but in most cases they have been proven to contain more nutrients then their fresh counter parts as they are frozen at peak condition.


Cheap is very important to me. At University I lived off frozen vegetables as it was the only way I could afford to eat in some semblance of a healthy way and to prevent scurvy.

My couscous included frozen swede, frozen sweetcorn, frozen peppers, frozen onion, frozen mushroom and frozen courgette that I had prepped myself yesterday. I roasted them in the oven in a bit of oil, cooked the couscous separately, then when both were done I mixed them together and to continue the frozen theme further I added frozen coriander.

I may just make it to Friday with the £1.51 that remains of the food budget. As long as I can ration the boy’s milk drinking habit.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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