Now that I have somehow successfully learnt how to make bread I am on a roll! (Ooops, that was an accidental pun, honest!).

This may or may not be because I am trying to use up my now out of date bread making supplies.

The recipe was from River Cottage Veg Everyday except I went rogue and replaced the teaspoon of dried yeast with a sachet of yeast (that was about twice the size) and added a million mixed seeds. This meant I also had to add more warm water, but the way I did that was I put in the amount of water given in the recipe to the mix, but as it looked too dry when it came to the kneading stage I wet my hands first and that seemed to do the trick.

Please don’t judge me on that massive hunk of cheese in the roll in the picture, that one was for the boy.

I now only have a small amount of the best before March 2017 bread flour left, but 6 sachets of the dried yeast, so I imagine I will be buying more bread flour soon until they are all gone, and then I will buy more to use up the bread flour and the cycle will never end!

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