Guys, It’s Time To Tell You Something

I currently feel quite good.

Which is odd.

Because my contract at work is unlikely to be extended.

I could soon be out of a job.

I am in limbo.

I may be unemployed soon.

I have £1.15 in my savings account.


All my hard work in cracking my debt, paying back the boy, selling everything I own, it could all come undone.

I feel good, but I also feel absolutely terrified.

Things could be fine. I could walk into the temp agency I joined last summer and be given a job that same week, like last summer.

Or I could face an awkward conversation about why my last job ended, and I may go ‘Because I had a mental breakdown and failed my probation’ which may be a killer in the job prospects front.

So whilst the boy is out with our friends, doing prep for his best friends wedding next year where he will be best man, potentially getting to see another friend’s newborn baby girl, I am at home, looking for jobs (to be fair I am also blogging and getting my bake on and watching TV so don’t feel too sad for me).

As stressful as I have found some jobs, I always have gained more satisfaction and self esteem from working then from not working.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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