This is a Salmon, Broccoli and Mascapone pasta bake that I saw on the BBC Good Food website.

I didn’t have fresh broccoli, I had frozen.

I didn’t have fresh salmon, I had tinned.

I didn’t want to use half a packet of mascapone and have the rest hanging around so I used it all.

I felt the same about a tin of anchovies and a jar of capers so I did the same.

The reason why I didn’t explore cooking much before despite being a little obsessed with it was because I felt that there were ‘rules’ which I didn’t know but must obey. I felt I had to know all the tricks and tips. I felt I had to attend cookery school just to say I knew how to make a cheese toastie.

I was waiting for someone to give me permission to make things until one day I just gave it to myself.

I have 7 types of sugar in my cupboards (Maple syrup, Golden Syrup, Molasses, Agave Nectar, Honey, Demerara and Caster) because I believed that I had to have them all because if a recipe used one type then I had to use it, I couldn’t use something similar instead.

I don’t know what your cooking level is, you may be far more advanced then me (likely) or you may have some of anxieties I had. I just want to say it is ok to use something else instead. I mean, generally it should be a similar item. I wouldn’t replace chocolate with, say, a pickled egg, but you get the gist.

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